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A perfect course equipped with profession,

passion and touching

A golf course is for golfers to challenge players,not to defeat them.

I think Ta Shee Golf & Conutry Club's green is outstanding,it is vary challenging

Robert Trent Jones ll

CEO of Golf Course Architects

Ta Shee Golf & Country Club sited in Ta Shee, Tao-Yuan County

where there is embraced by mountains.

With its 102 hectares' space, the course is divided into three sections, 27 holes. Among 18 holes the total length is 7150 yards. The course is established on Ta Shee's curvy configuration, and has successfully leaded creeks as ponds.This has made the course itself blended with nature.


To enhance the joy of golf playing, Ta Shee Golf & Country Club has planted numerous beautiful flowers and plants around the course, to present golfers the different feeling and tones of the four seasons. In the meanwhile, Ta Shee Golf & Country Club is dedicated to environment protection, hence there are wild life can be seen around.


Golf Course

To provide golfers a world-class golf course, Ta Shee Golf & Country Club keeps maintaining the equipment and environment in excellent condition, and tries to hold international competition.


All the efforts are to make Ta Shee Golf & Country Club to be known by golfers from around the world. In 1999, we invited world famous golf course architecture, Mr. Robert Trent Jones II. to rebuild Ta Shee, and made Ta Shee to be on the world-class list.


It is also the only golf course in Taiwan that has been recognized by European Circuit Game, Australia Circuit Game and Asia Circuit Game. Inside Ta Shee, there are three sections, the east area, the center area, and the west area. Among these three areas, the east and the center one are built by the mountain and its original configuration, curvy and challenging. The west area is relatively flat and open.


Golfers can enjoy themselves here with the blue sky, green trees, ponds, aigrets, and the golf game itself.

A perfect course equipped with profession, passion and touching

    Ta Shee Golf & Country Club not only has world-class drives, but also has member clubs, Ming Garden Restaurant, Light Food & Coffee Bar, and Driving Range.


With these distinctive characters and equipments, Ta Shee Golf & Country Club is a top multifunction golf course. We invite you to experience these here in Ta Shee.



(Asia Golf Magazine) Readers voted as the best course in Taiwan

(US Golf Digest) Ratings for top stadiums in Taiwan

<enVoyage-The Inflight Magazine of EVA Air> recommended as one of the top 10 golf courses of the world

Top 100 Golf Courses of the World> won the first place in Taiwan

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