Regulations for Golfing in Tashee Golf & Country Club

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1. Golfers must follow golf etiquettes. Golfers wearing t-shirt or jeans may not be admitted onto the course.
2. To maintain golf course quality, men scoring 36 points behind and women scoring 40 points behind may not be admitted onto the course.
3. Golfers must wear golf shoes before. Non-golfing guests will prohibited from entering the course.
4. Golfers entering the green must lift the heels to avoid damaging the grass. Do not stay to practice.
5. Please follow the golf rules. Do not hit the ball more than once or stay for practice.
6. After hitting the ball out from the bunker, restore the site.
7. Slow golfers must yield to others.
8. Do not pick up the golf balls fallen into the pond for safety purposes.
9. To maintain the course clean for golfing, give garbage to the caddy. Littering is prohibited.
10. To save time, please complete the 18 holes in 4 hours.
Safety Instructions
● Players should make sure that no one stands nearby during hitting or swing practice, or is standing one sites likely to be hit by objects such as the club, ball or any rock, stone, and stick.
● The second group of players may not hit the ball before the previous group surpasses the hitting distance of the second group.
● Players should warn other golf players or course maintenance staff nearby or in front of the danger before hitting the ball.
Thunder warning
● Stop hitting during raining days with thunder. Proceed to nearby building and wait patiently for the cancellation of alarms.
Weather factors
● If players could not complete hitting due to weather factors, players will still need to pay for full 18-hole fare. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Warning for driving
● Only the caddies can drive the golf carts. Players are prohibited from driving the cart and may be held responsible for civil and criminal responsibilities in case of accidents. Please cooperate accordingly.
Admission Instructions
● Golf is an outdoor sport and players are responsible for evaluating their own health and physical conditions before admission. In case of experiencing physical discomfort during hitting, players should seek for help from the players of the same group or the staff immediately.
● All pets are prohibited on the course and in the buildings. The operation of mini RC plane (e.g. camera drone) is also widely prohibited. Please inform the guests in advance.